How The Rich Get Rich And Why The Poor Stay Poor

Today, economic inequality consists of disparities in the distribution of income and wealth, for the overall population. There are many reasons why economic inequality is happening in society: inequality in wages, labor markets, globalization, education, technological changes, racism, culture, gender and many more. So this is why people do not have the same status in life, in our society.

Everyone wants to be rich, but not all people can achieve it – so they remain in financial mediocrity or (at the very least) become poor. But why do some people have their own wealth, and others don’t? Undoubtedly, there is a fundamental difference between the rich and poor – such that it translate into different levels of success.

Most of the rich people have the ability to generate astonishing things in their lives. While those people with less money, seems to be stuck with piles of bills and getting harassed by debt collectors, like cach llc.

But why is it that the rich get richer, while the poor stays poor? Listed below are the fundamental differences between rich people & poor people:

  • A rich person creates a specific direction in life, and subject themselves to a certain (high) standard – while a decidedly poor person does not have control of their lives (at least, not at the level they would like, if they wish to acquire wealth). Creating the life you desire will help you to conceive what you want, and set yourself up with numerous opportunities to get it. Most poor people just want to live in this world, without thinking what will happen for the rest of their days; while wealthy people (or those who aspire for wealth) think big, get rid of debt collectors (allied interstate, for example) and have a strong desire to become a better person in the world.
  • Poor people think they are small, while wealthy people dream big. Most poor people don’t want to dream much bigger than they normally do, because they think that there is a nobility to being poor (since many poor people think you have to do underhanded things, in order to become wealthy). But rich people don’t think like that, they understand that the acquisition of wealth depends on adding value to other peoples’ live; as a result, the path to wealth, actually involves helping people along the way!
  • Many poor people simply lack the drive to win, while rich people play to win. The rich people are trying to search for ways to win when it involves money; while the poor people keep themselves busy, worrying about the little money they have (scarcity), thus, never putting themselves in any position to be a wealthy person.
  • Obstacles vs. opportunities. Poor people seem to give more focus to the obstacles, rather than the opportunities (for example, a debt from Stellar Recovery can appear as an obstacle, or an opportunity to financially grow). Rich people tend to provide more focus to the opportunities, and deal with all the simple obstacles they encounter along their way to success.
  • Set goals to commit to. Although poor people are dedicated to the day-to-day things, they don’t commit to dreaming of wealth, and aligning their mindset & actions with dreams of wealth – they passively hope that riches will find its way to their doorstep; while rich people do an excellent job at deeply committing themselves to achieving their ultimate financial goals, however long it takes.
  • Peer groups matter. Have you noticed that rich people hang out with other rich people, too? So it is better to ‘level-up’ your peer group. Poor people can hang out with wealthy people, thus, inspiring them to work harder to financially to succeed.
  • Wealthy people constantly learn. Rich people are eager to learn new things, especially in regards to making more money. They keep on learning and finding new ways to become more successful in life; while the poor people are content with what they know, along with being content with the little desire they have to expand their knowledge – so, they stop learning. Their desire to acquire wealth does not push them to further educate themselves in matters financial; thus, they cut themselves off from the ideas or distinctions that would have help them arrive at a better financial status.
  • Poor people lack drive, while wealthy people are hard working. When it comes to solving some difficult problems, poor people tend to hope someone will solve the problem for them or (at th very least) avoid the problem, altogether -in hopes that it will solve itself; rich people never get bored with solving problems, showing that they are still confident and willing to recognize that facing their problems head-on, will bring them one step closer to success (regardless of how tedious the problem may be).
  • Poor people follow the family route, while rich people take the risk of breaking family tendencies, that don’t serve them nor serve their desire to achieve their goals. In a poor family, if your mother is teacher, you were also groomed to be a teacher; while men & women who aspire for wealth, don’t care about the kind of job their parents had and take the chance to gamble on themselves, and create a path of their own!
  • Poor families tend to have many children, while rich family tend to have less children; this is why poor people cannot send their children to school, while rich family can give the best life to their (fewer) children.

If you want to be a part of the rich group someday, you need to set a goal and plan & work towards it – EVERYDAY. Don’t blame others for you poor financial status. Instead, reflect on yourselves and what you really want out of life. Remember, there are always chances to make your life different – the answer is in your hands.

Just develop the habits and attitude to dream, plan & work towards improving your financial status. It’s not too late to start! You will be amazed at how fast things turn around. Start your dream today to change your life, financially!